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The Fire Bible includes twelve unique tools that were created specifically to help you gain a deeper understanding of God's Word. We have created a short study guide to help you gain maximum benefit from these tools. The guide provides brief instructions on how to use each of these tools to create inspiring sermons, family devotions, Sunday school lessons, or material for personal Bible study.


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     LIFE Publishers is committed to publishing the Word of God. In fact, LIFE Publishers International first began in 1946 as a result of one missionary's vision and zeal to publish God's Word for the Spanish-/files/Images/Don_Stamps_(Named).jpgspeaking world. By working with Bible Societies, missionaries, translation teams and printers around the world, we have realized and expanded that dream to include major languages spoken across the globe.

    The Full Life Study Bible was started in the early 1980s as an individual missionary project by the late missionary Don Stamps (1938-1991). While serving in Brazil, he recognized a great need among pastors and lay workers for a study Bible written from a Pentecostal perspective. Soon after the completion of the Pentecostal notes, Don went to be with the Lord following a struggle with cancer.

    A short time later, Assemblies of God World Missions leaders saw the worldwide potential for this Pentecostal study Bible and asked LIFE Publishers to begin producing it in the major languages of the world. Some of the first translations were completed in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese.

    When believers in China received their first copies of this Bible, they called it the Fire Bible because of the excitement it generated for them to live a Spirit-filled life. We thought the name very fitting and adopted it.

     The progression of the English Fire Bible is described below:

     Full Life Study Bible – written for a serious study of the Word with the basic assumption that the reader had some biblical foundation / knowledge (out of print and no longer available except remaining stock)

     Life in the Spirit Study Bible – an adaptation of the Full Life Study Bible by Zondervan for marketing reasons. Some slight edits were done and some materials was pulled from the Study Notes in to call out boxes but the content was basically the same. (Available with Zondervan’s imprint)

     Fire Bible: Student Edition – re-edited with the student in mind, theological terms were more clearly explained, assumed that the reader would not have a very in depth knowledge of biblical principles and concepts.  (Language Level - High School and College) (Carries the dual Hendrickson Publishers / Life Publishers Imprint)

     Fire Bible: Global Study Edition – once again edited, key points were to reach a broader English reader audience(assumed some would be 2nd language readers), assumed that the reader would not have a very In depth knowledge of biblical principles and concepts, removed student specific content, edited for clarity and cultural neutrality. (Carries the dual Hendrickson Publishers / Life Publishers Imprint)

     Fire Bible for Kids  This is a REAL Bible with REAL Study Helps targeted for children. It will be for about a 5th grade reading level.  Articles and selected notes edited especially for children.


      Fire Bible is now the name for the international language editions of the *Full Life Study Bible, one of the few study Bibles with emphasis on the Spirit-filled life in existence. 

    Often referred to as a one-book Spirit-filled library, this study Bible contains 77 theme articles, a concordance, 45 maps and charts, introductions to each book of the Bible, and Pentecostal study notes.

     Today, pastors and lay workers in Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Russia and many other countries have access to this study Bible in their language. 

   With your help, LIFE Publishers will continue to provide the Word of God in the major languages of the world!

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