Print On Demand


   Traditional printing, such as letter press or offset, have been replaced in part by POD (Print On Demand) printing. The major advantage of POD is that small quantities (10, 25, 50, etc.) of a book may be printed at a cost effective rate. This is particularly useful in the reprinting of out of print textbooks or other limited usage materials. The appearance of POD books is no different than traditional print books. In fact, many times it is superior. Due to the fact that POD is computer driven, sizes, styles, colors and bindings are limited. However, we have found that these /files/Images/LIFE Publishers/Textbooks_LayingDown.pnglimitations do not normally hinder our clients from production of their materials. 

   A secondary advantage of POD is that because you can produce a small quanity of books, you can do field testing and  make any changes necessary before you commit to a larger press run for distribution.

   One additional advantage of POD is that you do not have to warehouse large quantities of your materials. Once the digital files and set up fees are in place, multiple short runs (10, 25, 50, etc.) and direct shipment are easily fascilitated with a quick turnaround.

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