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In late January 2013, a song echoed through the wild mountains of Papua New Guinea: "We have the Book of God, and when Jesus comes we will go!  Hold on to Jesus ­ hold on to His eternal life!"

The beautiful words were sung in Mesem, one of the 800 languages spoken across Papua New Guinea, an island nation off the coast of Australia. Samanzing, the largest of the nation's Mesem villages, lies squarely in the heart of a mountainous jungle at an elevation of nearly 5,600 feet.

During World War II, Japanese and Australian warplanes roared over these wild mountains, jarring residents who had existed almost entirely untouched by the outside world. The first wheels they saw where those on the warplanes.

"Until the war, the lives of many Papua New Guineans had been essentially unchanged for thousands of years," says AG missionary Kathy Vanaria, who along with her husband, Neil, and son, Anthony, recently completed the first translation of the New Testament into Mesem.

Translating the Scriptures into Mesem has been slow, laborious work. Because of a medical condition, Kathy lives in almost constant pain. During some phases of the translation she worked on her back, her computer propped against her knees. Yet over the years the Vanarias' efforts prompted the establishment of 12 schools to help teach the Mesem to read and write their own language.

At last, despite repeated delays, the Vanarias' work was completed, and Life Publishers printed 3,500 New Testaments, enough for every Mesem man, woman and child. Each small blue volume came in a plastic bag with a flap to protect the pages from the rain forest environment.

When the Bibles arrived in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea's capital, another crisis awaited them. Customs refused to release the containers, forcing the date for the Bibles' distribution to be changed eight times. At last, the date for the dedication was set for January 27, 2013.

A sign announcing "God's Talk Has Life" adorned the path to Samanzing when Neil and Kathy returned from the dock with the Bibles in tow.
/files/Images/LIFE Publishers/Bibles arrive 157.JPG
Once they reached the center of Samanzing, an elaborate ceremony began. People representing five Mesem villages attended, and each group performed traditional dances and brought a special offering.
For a full day they celebrated with pageantry, reverence and joy.

Visitors from across Papua New Guinea and the United States attended the dedication to rejoice with the Mesem people.

Russ Turney, AGWM regional director for Asia Pacific, was among those who attended. "The past 20 years was a time of great difficulty for Neil and Kathy," he says. "They could have easily given up and decided the work was too difficult. However, they persevered, and with the help of many friends and the power of the Holy Spirit, they completed the work."

Jerry Jacob, AGWM area director for Pacific Oceania, also made the journey to Samanzing. "I was overwhelmed when I saw Mesem weep as they were given the New Testament for the first time. This Book will affect them for generations to come!"

Even in their excitement of finally receiving the long-awaited New Testaments, the Mesem recognize the dedication as the beginning of their journey, not the end. Now that they have the Scriptures, they are responsible to share it with others.

Russ Turney is encouraged by the response among the Mesem, but he knows an enormous work remains to be done. "Our few days in Papua New Guinea were filled with joy, but we continue to pray for the more than 500 tribal groups that still wait for the gospel in their languages and for more trained workers to reach and disciple others throughout the nation," he says.

--Kristel Ortiz

Editor's note: An in-depth account of the dedication ceremonies will appear in the May 5 edition of the World Missions "Pentecostal Evangel."


Amharic Fire Bible launched after 14 years!

 /files/Images/IMG_9787.JPG  On June 11th, 2011 in Addis Ababa, fourteen years after the project was first discussed around LIFE Publisher's table, the Amharic Fire Bible was launched to the great people of Ethiopia. This is a great victory for God's Kingdom and the Ethiopian Church.
   Even though this project included many great challenges which caused delay, it seems that God's timing is perfect. The Bible was released during a time of great growth in the church and cross-denominational unity among the brethren. Many denominational and evangelical church leaders joyfully participated in the Launch Ceremony including Rev. Dr. Birhanu Ofgaa, the Board Chairman of the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia, Dr Bezalem Fisseha, the President of Emmanuel United Church of Ethiopia, and others.
   Pastor Yonas Arefaine, General Secretary of the Ethiopian Assemblies of God led the time of prayerful dedication over the new Study Bible along with several other leaders. There were about 175 present at the launch. The Reverend Keith Danby, the CEO and International President of Biblica (formerly IBS) was also present at the launch.
   Church and Bible Society leaders are expecting great enthusiasm for this new Study Bible and a wide distribution is expected. Spirits were high and the fellowship was great after the launch celebration. All those who were present and received their gift copy of the Bible expressed a very sincere "THANK YOU" to all those who worked tirelessly and did not give up on the project. Many thanks to all those who saw this project through to the end. This Bible has already been extremely well received and will truly bless the nation of Ethiopia.


May 21, 2011 - Fire Bible for Kids (NKJV) Launched in Singapore!/files/Images/Singapore2.JPG

   We are so excited to announce that the Fire Bible for Kids (NKJV) was launched successfully in Singapore in May! This report comes from one of our staff who participated in the event:

   "The Fire Bible for Kids launch ceremony came off very well. Special guests from the Bible Society of Singapore, the Methodist Church, the Assemblies of God, and several independent churches all participated as speakers in the event. There was a very powerful dedication prayer at the end with ministers representing four nationalities (English, Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian) all offering up prayers in their own languages. A spontaneous moment occured when all those present at the launch came forward and prayerfully laid hands on the Bibles to dedicate them. (We) estimated that there were around 110 present with 31 different churches and ministries represented. We had great food and fellowship afterwards with many pastors lingering for an hour or more...There were many positive and encouraging comments aftwerward and with much interest and enthusiasm in the new Bible. One woman commented that the Lord spoke to her during the prayer time to personally purchase 40 Bibles for all the children at her church. There was much hard work and prayer to create and launch this new Fire Bible to the children of the world. It will bear great fruit for eternity."


/files/Images/Logos/FIREBIBLE_for_Kids_TITLE ART.pngApril 26, 2011 - Fire Bible for Kids (NKJV) NOW AVAILABLE!!

   We are so excited to announce that the Fire Bible for Kids (NKJV) is now available through Genesis Distributing. Visit their website for pricing information, including bulk rates!!

March 3, 2011 - Pre-order your copy of the Fire Bible for Kids now!
   We are so excited to announce that the Fire Bible for Kids (NKJV) is currently available for pre-order from Genesis Distributing.
You can order your copy here.


January 11, 2011 - The Fire Bible for Kids is at the printer!

   We are so excited to announce that the Fire Bible for Kids (NKJV) is currently at the printer and will be available to the world in the next few months. The Fire Bible for Kids (NIV) will be available in time for the Assemblies of God General Council in Phoenix, AZ August 1, 2011. Thank you to all of our friends and partners who continue to make this dream a reality for future generations!


Dave & Annetta Beard Reflect on the Fire Bible launch in Fiji

   We bring you greetings from the campus of the South Pacific Bible College in Wainadoi, Fiji. /files/Images/LIFE Publishers/fiji.bmp
   We are having an exciting year here at the South Pacific Bible College. We started our new school year in January with 35 new freshmen, and we have students from Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Kiribiti, Tuvalu, Australia, Samoa, and China -- yes, even China! Through the efforts of a Fijian missionary to China, two female Chinese students began studies at S.P.B.C. One of them has been a magistrate in China and has excellent English skills. Her desire is to be trained in God's Word so she can return to China and help bring the Gospel to her people. S.P.B.C. is training leaders to reach the nations!
   In our first term of 2010 I had a wonderful time teaching the books of 1 and 2 Corinthians to our 42 seniors, and Bible Study Methods to our 35 new freshmen. One of the freshmen shared with me after church one Sunday that he was being so blessed in the class that at times he found himself crying. I was so humbled by his testimony, but so overjoyed that our students are developing a love and passion for the Word of God! 
   Life Publishers in Springfield, Missouri came to Fiji to launch the new Global Study Edition of the Fire Bible. The three men attended our Tuesday chapel and presented a stirring and challenging message to the students. Later we helped pass out leather-bound copies of the Fire Bible to the freshmen students in my Bible Study Methods class. Getting a new study Bible was the frosting on the cake for a class in Bible study methods. Our heartfelt thanks to Hendrickson Bibles and Life Publishers for so blessing our freshmen.
   Thank you for enabling us to be a part in the training these future leaders for the churches of the South Pacific, and even beyond. Your prayers for us, Fiji and the South Pacific Bible College are tremendously appreciated. In this present economy, your support is neither taken lightly nor taken for granted. Thank you for your faithfulness and your heart for God's work around the world.  

For more information about the Beard's ministry, visit their website at:


Missions Linked just launched Life Publishers’ giving site! 
   Life Publishers is a Christian multi-platform publisher providing Christian literature for over 60 years. Check out the new giving page here; To read the full article, click here.


July 2010 - Outreach to Haiti
   Below you will find a recent newsletter from Dr. Robert J. Lerer in which he explains how the resource "Where There Is No Doctor" is helping him in his outreaches in Haiti. For more information on this resource, click here.  
/files/Images/LIFE Publishers/InterAmerica Mission Newsletter July 2010.jpg


April 16, 2010 - Missionary Beth Osland shares how LIFE Publishers materials are being used in Angola, Africa

/files/Images/LIFE Publishers/IMG_3777.JPG

   Seventy African students graduated from a recent ministerial training series in Angola. Each student received their graduation certificate and a personal copy of the Portuguese Fire Bible, provided by LIFE Publishers. Pentecostal revival in Angola has created tremendous church growth and an urgent need for trained pastors. LIFE Publishers is helping to provide the training materials needed: Fire Bibles, Roots of Faith Series and BEST Bible Study Series in Portuguese, the official language of the country. There were at least 70 African students who enrolled in and completed the first cycle of the Roots of Faith training series at Huambo, a city in west central Angola. All 70 students upon graduation immediately signed up for the second cycle of training. Harry and Beth Osland send thanks to all LIFE Publishers supporters who helped provide the Fire Bibles and training materials. (The Oslands, veteran missionaries to Portugal, are helping to train Portuguese-speaking ministers in Angola.) A number of other churches in the capital city of Luanda, Angola, are hoping to start Roots of Faith training programs soon. One church indicates a potential 150 students ready to begin.  

   Below is a letter from Beth Osland expressing gratitude for all that has been done in Angola:

   Christian greetings from Angola! Thank you so much, LIFE Publishers, for all you have done in providing the Fire Bible, Roots of Faith Series and BEST Bible Study Series training materials for Africa in the Portuguese language. Ever since the Portuguese Fire Bible launch by LIFE Publishers in late August 2009 in Luanda, Angola, each week has been filled with exciting opportunities for ministry. God is moving in western Africa! My husband, Harry, and I spent a week in October in the African island nation of São Tomé, just off the coast of Angola. Dr. Bill Kirsch and Dr. Carl Gibbs from Africa’s Hope accompanied us. We had to pay for two extra suitcases in order to bring in enough teaching material and Fire Bibles for 50 pastors and Christian workers. There was so much interest in the new training materials. The second day of training, a woman named Aurora came up to me and wanted to enroll her husband, a deacon, in the course. Unfortunately, I had to tell her there were no more materials left. Seeing the look on her face, I realized what a sacrifice it had been for her to come. Thankfully, a pastor's wife was able to make some adjustments, and we found a book and Fire Bible for this woman's husband. Harry and I are looking for a way to ship 450 each of the Fire Bibles and Roots of Faith Series books for our next trip! It appears that each person who receives a new Bible is giving their old one (some Bibles are very tattered with missing covers and pages) to someone who has no Bible. Thanks so much for the investment of LIFE Publishers in providing Fire Bibles and training materials for Angola, São Tomé and all of Portuguese-speaking Africa.
God bless.
--Beth and Harry Osland (AG missionaries to Portugal who are helping with ministerial training in Portuguese-speaking Africa)


March 11, 2010 - Czech Fire Bible Dedicated on February 10, 2010

   /files/Images/IMG_1283.jpgThe Czech Fire Bible started in 2002 and took a long time to complete. This February, in the beautiful city of Prague, we dedicated the Czech /files/Images/IMG_1344.jpgFire Bible. Our missionary, Larry Art (pictured right), along with former missionary Bill Williams (who worked with the translation team over the years), facilitated the dedication ceremony.
The Czech launch was a great victory. There were about 30 people in attendance for the launch in Prague, which involved leaders from several churches including Pentecostal, Lutheran and Evangelical Free. Everyone in attendance greatly appreciated the celebration. Our missionaries, with the help of the Czech managing editor,/files/Images/IMG_1350.jpg Jim Sabella (pictured left), presented those attending with a personal copy of the Fire Bible. They also honored the hard work and years of service from each member of the translation team. After the ceremony, the attendees fellowshipped together for two hours. It was a memorable experience.
   Thank you to all those who made this possible. This bible is already beginning to make a difference for the Czech Republic.



February 16, 2010 - Thai Fire Bible Dedicated on January 16, 2010!

/files/Images/IMG_4102.jpg   It started with dream or maybe it is better to call it the passionate God-placed vision of now retired missionary Gene Schachterle. In 1998 Gene’s love for the Thai people allowed God’s vision for a Fire Bible in the Thai language to grow. Gene along with missionaries in Thailand and the Assemblies of God National Headquarters prayed and knew that this project would be a great blessing for the people of Thailand. /files/Images/IMG_3161.JPG

   But sometimes our timing is not God’s timing and it took until 2001 for LIFE Publishers to be able to form a translation team and negotiate the needed contracts to begin the actual work on the project. Then in the middle of the process the International Bible Society of Thailand decided that there was a need to edit and revise the scripture text and LIFE, wanting to provide the very best for inclusion in our Fire Bible, decided to hold off on finishing the project until the revis/files/Images/IMG_4224.jpged text was completed.

   Now we can rejoice together that the Thai Fire Bible is complete! On January 16, 2010 a service of dedication and rejoicing was held in Bangkok Thailand. There were over 170 representatives from churches, schools, governmental agencies, and parachurch organizations present as well as leadership from the Assemblies of God World Missions including Regional Director Russ Turney in attendance.

   In this predominantly Buddhist nation the Thai Fire Bible will/files/Images/Picture 409.jpg equip the church for evangelism with sound doctrine and teach them to lead lives lead by the Holy Spirit.

   The emotions of the group attending the launch are best represented in the comments of one young pastor (pictured to the right) from the relatively undeveloped northern part of Thailand. He said “I first read the Bible in English and it corrected my understanding of God, salvation and being spirit-filled. Now with the Bible in Thai, I want to understand more and be able to teach it to my church.” He asked for special prayer from the Life Publishers /files/Images/IMG_4906.jpgteam. He asked, “Pray for me that I may be able to teach what is in this Bible.”

   Twelve years of prayer, the dedicated hard work of many, many people, the partnership of many of you who are reading this post and God’s blessing has brought about the fulfillment of the vision. 




November 30, 2009 - New language edition of the Enrichment Journal now available online!

   The first Portuguese edition of the Enrichment Journal is now available online at the Enrichment Journal website!  It is exciting to add another new language in digital format. We pray this will be a helpful resource to thousands and thousands of Portuguese-speaking (and preaching) pastors and church workers around the world. Check it out at!

/files/Images/LIFE Publishers/DSC_0265.JPG

November 11, 2009 - LIFE Publishers says, "Goodbye" to retiring missionaries, Bill & Jo Anne Williams

   After 42 years of dedicated service, Bill & Jo Anne Williams are retiring from missions. View highlights of their service with LIFE Publishers in the photobook linked below.

Shutterfly Photobook

September 11, 2009 - Celebrating the Launch of the Portuguese Fire Bible for Africa

   Missionary Delton Watts recently traveled to Angola and Mozambique to participate in the Portuguese Fire Bible launch. To the right, he is pictured with a pastor in Angola whose Bible is falling apart from use. We were able to bless him with a brand new Fire Bible in his heart language!

   "Missionaries representing LIFE Publishers were part of a huge distribution of the Fire Bible for the Southern African countries of Angola and Mozambique. Angola received 5,500 Bibles, of which some will go other Portuguese speaking countries. The celebration and dedication of the Portuguese Bibles took place during/files/Images/Angola Delton 2.JPG the General Council of the Assemblies of God of Angola. The Bibles were received with an enormous sense of gratitude, and will go to meet a great need of training pastors for the many churches who have lacked resources because of war and internal strife. Also, in Mozambique Superintendent Fernando Bata said the gift of the 4,500 Fire Bibles 'surpassed his expectations' and plans have been set in place for distribution. In both countries, many people do not have a personal Bible and are greatly honored to be recipients of such a great gift."
       - Delton Watts

Thank you for partnering with us to make this extraordinary event possible!


/files/Images/facebook-logo.jpgLIFE Publishers is now on Facebook! - June 2009

   Visit our Facebook page and become a fan to receive updates and news about LIFE Publishers and all of our special projects. If you are already a fan, recommend our page to your friends and help us "spread the Word."




Reflections from the Arabic Fire Bible Launch in Lebanon - December 2, 2008.
     To view a powerpoint presentation containing photos from the launch, click here./files/Images/LIFE Publishers/Arabic FB.jpg

   Beirut is a city of mixed cultures that haphazardly blends Christian and Muslim influences. We found the Lebanese people to be extremely kind, friendly, and helpful. The city is still recovering from the war two years ago so construction is underway on almost every street corner. It is a bustling business city built on the Mediterranean Sea that exudes determination and a true potential for prosperity.

   We had been prepared by the Arabic Bible Society to expect a small number of people to attend the launch. However, we were pleasantly surprised when over 140 people arrived to fill the ballroom we had rented at the Metropolitan Palace Hotel for the occasion. Some of the most startling guests were the bishops and archbishops of the Greek Orthodox and Marionite Catholic churches. Dressed in their full black regalia, they were an impressive sight and certainly stood out from the crowd. It was a moving experience to see them eagerly accept their gift of an Arabic FLSB.

   After the ceremony, many of the evangelical Christians who attended the event commented about how thrilled they were to have this Bible in Arabic. Everyone who attended the event seemed impressed with the presentation and were excited about the potential for this Bible not only in Lebanon but in the entire Arabic speaking world.

   After the dedication ceremony we enjoyed sharing a typical Lebanese dinner with our hosts from the Arabic Bible Society. It was a great time of sharing delicious food (about 20-25 different dishes) and rejoicing together over the success of the dedication.

   The day after the launch we were privileged to visit the ancient town of Byblos, about 20 miles outside of Beirut. This city dates back over 5,000 years. While we were looking in the souvenir shops we happened to talk with the owner of one shop about our reason for being in Lebanon. He was amazed and started laughing and told us excitedly that his sons were Pentecostal pastors. He ran to the shop next door and brought them to meet us. We had a wonderful visit with them as they told us they read the FLSB in English every day and use it to prepare for sermons. They were amazed and elated to learn that our purpose in being in Lebanon was to dedicate the FLSB in Arabic. One of the brothers has been trying to establish a church in the little town of Byblos for over 8 months. He has met great resistance and asked us to go with him to the place they are using to start the church. We walked with him about 5 blocks and there we all gathered around him and his youth minister and laid hands on them and prayed that God would give them open doors in the city and that their desire to start a church would become a reality. It was truly a special blessing for us to be able to encourage a Lebanese pastor in this way.

    Terri Gibbs, Director of Product Development, LIFE Publishers International


December 18, 2008

Principles4LIFE reaching children in Fiji

   Rev. Phil Young with Pacific Kidz Connect is reaching out to children in Fiji. One of the many resources being used to teach and train is LIFE Publisher's Principles4LIFE Sunday School curriculum. Click here to view a blog from a missions trip in August 2008 with daily stories and photos of this missionary putting valuable resources into action.


November 12, 2008

  /files/Images/LIFE Publishers/Enrichment_German_CoverOnly.jpg

  Today, 2,000 German-speaking pastors and workers are receiving INSPIRATION in Austria, Germany and Switzerland! 

Click here to view see some of our other language
versions of this popular publication.

   We recently received these notes from pastors in Switzerland who want to express their thanks to you for providing them with INSPIRATION:

   “In the German-speaking world, INSPIRATION (name of German-edition Enrichment journal) is the first periodical of its kind available for senior pastors, elders and church workers! It provides relevant, up-to-date and helpful articles for evangelism, church work and missions from a Pentecostal perspective. The articles help shape and challenge the biblical and theological awareness of our pastors. Having this publication available will also help our Pentecostal movements in Europe strengthen their influence.”

   “INSPIRATION is not a journal you read and then put away. Its articles are timeless and when I read it, I am deeply encouraged. The issue on evangelism came exactly at the right time when we pastors were asking ourselves in Switzerland how we could better help the church in reaching out for Christ.”

   “My wife, Chris, and I lead Pentecostal churches in various towns in the Lake Constance area of Switzerland. Three of our children and their families serve with us. Our vision is to encourage and build up three generations in the church. INSPIRATION has encouraged us and confirmed that we are on the right track.”

   “My wife, Brigitte, and I serve a growing church in Olten, Switzerland, of 150 people. We have a deep longing for a special spread of the Holy Spirit in our nation and city. INSPIRATION is helping us keep this hunger alive and is strengthening our faith. We were especially touched by the revival theme issue!”


November 12, 2008

Hands That Heal and Project Rescue

   One of the organizations that LIFE Publishers partners with is Project Rescue. Project Rescue works with girls coming out of the sex slave trade. They have developed a series of three books called Hands That Heal, which we have helped produce for them. One of these books is designed for academic training, while the other two are written to be used by "hands-on" community workers. These materials help the workers in dealing with the unique struggles that they will face when reaching out to these girls.

   As an exciting follow-up to the English productions of Hands That Heal, we are now working on Russian, Hindi and Portuguese translations.  

   To learn more about Project Rescue, visit their website:


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