Request your free FireBible Legacy Fund resources today!!!

   We would like to send you a FREE FireBible Legacy Fund display (materials included) and ask your help in making this type of memorial giving easily accessible to your congregation. The display (which can placed on a table or hung on a wall) contains copies of the FireBible Legacy Fund brochure and samples of two beautiful acknowledgement cards. (See photos)

   It is so easy for people to be a part of providing God’s Word in this way. Each time an individual sends a $10 FireBible Legacy Fund gift, in memory or honor of a pastor, friend or loved one, Bible Alliance will immediately send a card of acknowledgement to the name of the person/s they request. Or if the donors prefer, they can send the cards of acknowledgement. Every $10 gift they send helps make available a FireBible for a pastor or lay worker overseas, in a language they can read and understand. 

   To send for your free display today, you can call us toll-free at  800-532-0440 or complete the response form below. We will be happy to continue providing your church with the supplies you need for the display (brochures and/or acknowledgement cards) as needed, at no cost to you. Your church can simply call Bible Alliance, and more supplies will be sent. (Please Note: At this time shipping is limited to within the United States of America. For serious inquiries outside of the US, please send a written request to

   As your church participates in this memorial giving plan, not only will individuals provide a lasting legacy on behalf of loved ones, but the church as a whole will help establish a lasting legacy of God’s Word in countries around the world.  

 YES! We want to leave a FireBible legacy around the world!

 Please send our church the FireBible Legacy Fund display

 To stock the display, please send us (quantity needed): 
 FireBible Gift Fund brochures
   In Memory Of cards
In Honor Of cards

 We cannot use the display, but we would like to make available the brochures and cards to our congregation. Please send the quantities listed above.


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