LIFE Publishers International


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Our History

    In 1946, LIFE Publishers International began publishing Christian literature in Spanish. Over the next several decades, LIFE (also known as Editorial VIDA) became a leading evangelical publishing ministry in Spanish, French and Portuguese.


    Following the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union, the leadership of LIFE Publishers decided to refocus its general publishing on Russia and Eastern Europe.   At that time, the Spanish, French and Portuguese division was sold to Zondervan.  Beginning in 1992, over 90 million copies of the Book of Life, a children's Scripture book, were distributed in public schools across Russia and the Ukraine. The distribution is now carried on under the ministry of Book of Hope International, a separate ministry from LIFE Publishers. LIFE Publishers is a foreign language publisher which prints and distributes Christian literature in over 30 languages.


    In 2006, LIFE Publishers moved into new offices that provide ample space for our ever-expanding publishing endeavors. Guy Highfill, who served as a missionary in Taiwan and Northern Asia, accepted the position of Director of LIFE Publishers in 2006. Since that time we have increased our publishing and distribution efforts both in Bible production and Christian literature. LIFE’s goals for the future include expanding our publishing opportunities around the world, to include the development of Christian literature for the burgeoning markets of Africa, India, and China.

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