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   A few years ago, Life Publishers was asked to help produce a practical medical manual to be used in rural areas in Haiti where medical assistance was unavailable. In the aftermath of the earthquake, with so many people without access to medical help, this manual can continue to meet many of their basic needs.

   If you or your church, ministry, friends are planning on sending a team to Haiti, you may wish to check out the following links:

Book in Haitian/Creole "Where There Is No Doctor" Kote ki pa gen dokte
   Provides practical medical suggestions and proceedures to follow in places where no doctor is available.
   Life Publishers has done 24 print runs of this book
   To buy printed copies of this book, contact our partner, 4WRD at
   It is also available to you in .pdf form at

Other books that are available are from our partner, are:
   Where Women Have No Doctor
   Sanitation and Cleanliness
   Cholera Prevention 

Our other partner, Healthcare Ministries is lending a hand in the relief efforts. You can visit their website at: or donate to their efforts through this link:   

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