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What is Principles4Life?


   Principles4Life is a series of simple Bible lessons created to reach children around the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The five-year series is designed to assist missionaries and national churches that do not have access to published Sunday School materials.

   Each year's series consists of

  • 20 Old Testament lessons
  • 20 New Testament lessons
  • 8 lessons for special holidays
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     This material is currently available with both English and Spanish versions on a single CD.  The CD comes with Acrobat Readers and instructions in both languages. You can reproduce the CD or make as many paper copies as you wish without additional permission.


What is the Cost of Principles4Life in my language?

     The cost of a CD of the materials is $10 plus shipping.  The cost of a Full-Color bound display manual is $30 plus shipping.   When you are beginning a new project, we suggest that you purchase a Full-Color bound display manual, which includes the introduction material, the 48 lessons, and associated graphics in all three versions, e.g.: Grayscale Art, Line Drawing (Coloring Book Style), and Full-Color Art.  This will allow you to show potential users to see the complete scope of the material.  The color in particular generates additional interest.

     If you have questions about using or translating Principles4Life or would like to request this product, please click here to fill out a service request form, or mail your questions to Bruce Braithwaite at LIFE Publishers International, 1625 N. Robberson, Springfield, MO 65803  USA.  You may also call him at the LIFE office via phone at (417) 831-7766.


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