/files/Images/BI card.png              Bible Inventory Program

   The Bible Inventory Program is a challenge in which you, your family and your church can participate. Each individual or family is challenged to take an inventory of every room in their home, counting the number of Bibles they find. In response, for every Bible found they are asked to help provide at least one FireBible for a national pastor overseas.

   Each person participating in a Bible inventory will be reminded of how blessed they are with the number of Bibles available to them in comparison to pastors and lay workers overseas who do not have the same resources.
   You can order Bible Inventory Cards, free of charge. You can also view/order a DVD that briefly explains the program and presents the inspiring testimony of Pastor Rod Loy who shares what happened when his church participated in their first Bible inventory. Rev. Loy pastors North Little Rock First Assembly in Little Rock, Arkansas

   To view this video online, click here.

   If you would like to order the DVD and/or Bible Inventory Cards, click here.


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